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At Eastern Illumination, we design, install and maintain low voltage (12 volt) lighting systems. The benefits of low voltage lighting as compared to line voltage (120 volts, high voltage or house voltage) are many.

Here are a few of the many advantages of low voltage lighting.

  • Low voltage lighting systems are less expensive to install. The wire used for low voltage lighting needs to be installed 6 inches below the surface. Line voltage needs to be installed a minimum of 18 inches below the surface. To install wire 18 inches in the ground, a 'ditch witch' type trenching machine is used. This brings us to the next advantage.
  • Less digging equals less mess and less damage. To dig 18 inches in a customers flower beds and landscaping is a real problem. Shrubs and perennials must be removed and transplanted later. Many don't survive. To use a trenching machine near a trees root system can have fatal results for many trees.
  • Low voltage fixtures are smaller and more easily hidden and connections can be made underground. If you drive around and look at residential outdoor lighting, line voltage systems are easy to spot. In order to make connections above ground, lights are mounted on black, white or green PVC mounts. The mount alone is usually 4 inches above ground. The most hideous of all are lights mounted on metal junction boxes that are mounted on metal conduit. They just look bad, day or night. The best lighting systems conceal the fixtures and showcase what you are paying for- light!
  • Some people hear 'low voltage' and they think of do it yourself home store systems. We don't install anything you can buy in a home store. We use products from many major manufacturers including some available only to us.
  • While providing the same amount of light, a low voltage system will use 1/3 of the power of a similar line voltage system.
  • The last yet most important advantage is safety! Low voltage lighting is safe! A cut or exposed wire or a broken fixture poses no threat to the safety of children, adults or pets. An exposed or cut wire or a broken fixture in a line voltage system can result in fatal consequences.

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