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If you own a home that you are proud of, you should ask yourself why you've invested in a beautiful piece of property that can only be appreciated during daylight hours. Not to mention having the security of a home that appears well tended 24 hours a day.

Before you decide which company is going to install your outdoor lighting system, here are some important facts to consider:

FACT: Most outdoor lighting products are warranted for up to three years.
Eastern Illumination we offer lights and transformers that carry lifetime warrantees.

FACT: Many outdoor lighting systems accent sidewalks and driveways, giving the property the harsh appearance of an airport runway.
Eastern Illumination we pride ourselves in our creative approach. With our hidden lights, we accent the beauty of your home and landscape, as well as your deck and patio.

I'm Jerry Gabel of Eastern Illumination. I have combined 15 years of experience in the landscaping and electrical fields to give my clients the best of both worlds. Throughout my career, I have been studying outdoor lighting. I've learned what works and what doesn't.

In operating this business, I have kept but one goal:
To design and install superior outdoor lighting systems.

Here are some of my "tricks of the trade" that I use to satisfy my customers:

  • I approach every property as an empty canvas to be painted in light. Just as painters do, I establish focal points, using the prominent features and intriguing elements of the landscaping and the home itself. I define the perimeter of the property and then strategically place lights to obtain the highest aesthetic value. The reflective light naturally illuminates your walk affording you ample safety without compromising aesthetics.
  • Buyers should not be misled by the apparent good looks of fixtures on the market today. It's not the fixture that creates the effect, but the lamp (bulb). At Eastern Illumination many of our fixtures are hidden, invisible. All you see is what you are paying for, light.
  • Every homeowner has unique taste. I pride myself in my ability to work with the customer to bring out the best in their property.
  • Outdoor lighting is a dramatic improvement that costs a fraction of the price of the landscape itself. If you would like to discuss upgrading the appearance and enjoyment of your home, contact us and to schedule a Evening Design Studio Presentation at your home.

Thank you for considering Eastern Illumination.

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